August 2005

The thing about thunderstorms 2005-8-8 (318 words)

We've been having some quite impressive thunderstorms here lately. And I'm not only taliking about the weather kind. What I find interesting is the way people relate to the different stages of such a thunderstorm. I think it tells a lot about the person't outlook on life.

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September 2005 2005-9-1 (0 words)


good at waiting? 2005-8-3 (179 words)

I allways thought I was good at waiting. And I am. I have no problem passing time until something takes place. Like waiting for the train on my way to work, or waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. But all these kinds of waiting are waiting for something I know the outcome of. I am now again learning that I am utter crap at waiting when it comes to uncertainties...

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productivity boost - work shorter 2005-8-26 (190 words)

A nice example of the point I was trying to make in my last post is my workday today.

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Tinderbox: using the Find dialog to link to older posts 2005-8-26 (115 words)

My archive outline for this weblog here has become so long that it is at times difficult to link to older posts.

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Time spent on a project 2005-8-26 (357 words)

There is a discrepancy between "time spent on a project" and "time to completion". Stating the obvious? Well, maybe. But through my new work-time arragement this has become even more visible to me.

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Does coming in second mean I lost? 2005-8-11 (89 words)

Does not being the winner make one a looser? Many people seem to feel that way. Everything to win. Everything to the winner. And in a two person match, the second is also the looser, no?

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Helma gets freshened 2005-8-19 (107 words)

Now it's official: Helma has a new Nanny for it's ascension to 2.0

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masculine vs. feminine websites 2005-8-20 (296 words)

Elin points to a study saying that women and men each prefer websites designed by their respective gender (very short paraphrase). So, my immediate thought was "what makes a website feminine or masculine?"

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refactoring similar entries 2005-8-24 (187 words)

In preparation for my writing asignment from SystemOne, I am refactoring some old code I had written for my similar-entries feature on 'Sender Traumwind'. It had evolved from an application of the Vectorspace concept towards a use of Search::ContextGraph. Somehow the code had never gone passed a certain point, as I was never really happy with the results. The VecorSpace code had to be suspended as it was extremly memory and CPU-time hungry with a certain number of entries (more than 1500) and the ContextGraph code didn't have the same granularity (it either found sims or didn't).

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accountability or transparency 2005-8-21 (166 words)

Transparency buils trust. People value you more if they know what you do and why. If they can see and relate to the hardship. But "being transparent" can also be see as "owing account".

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free to work 2005-8-24 (327 words)

One of the resolutions that came out of our meeting is that I now get one block of four hours per day for my work. That might sound a little curious, but due to my current work/life situation I have been more of a single-dad than a developer. And as I have written some time ago 'work at home' can be extermly impossible when coupled with small kids.

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on the stay 2005-8-24 (130 words)

One funny thing about blogging that sometimes one communicates hardship but forgets to also write about how and whhen it's resolved.

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is talking good when it's all you can do? 2005-8-20 (174 words)

My current role in life seems to be the mediator. Bringing opposite side toghether at one table -again. Get them talking. Listen to both and try and 'translate'.

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concept mapping 2005-8-3 (295 words)

I just found an old print-out I did some years ago about "concept mapping". The webpage I printed back then dates around 1997 or so. It's funny to re-find such early influences and see how the same topics and concepts have been around much earlier in my life.

... more... on OS X 2005-8-24 (252 words)

I wanted to run my based similar entries script (here's the original article on on my local MacOS X TiBook for almost as long as I have that laptop, now almost 1 3/4 years. I had problems running the script on the webserver for some time longer, going for a Linux box at my former office and uploading results from there. Having run on my TiBook would have been a nice solution... but that never really worked out. Today it did.

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fear is not an idicator of failure 2005-8-13 (102 words)

A queasy feeling in the stomace. A storm brewing. Sometimes we feel fear right before something big is about to happen. All too often we feel that this fear is an idicator of impending doom, of failure.

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