good at waiting?


I allways thought I was good at waiting. And I am. I have no problem passing time until something takes place. Like waiting for the train on my way to work, or waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. But all these kinds of waiting are waiting for something I know the outcome of. I am now again learning that I am utter crap at waiting when it comes to uncertainties...

I can be very patient, but these last days and weeks I have been very on edge. I'm in a situation where there is little I can do but wait. Wait for the outcome of things I can't really influence anymore once they have started rolling. Or can I? I have been doing a lot of brainstorming about this, a common question I keep asking myself is "What can I do about it now? What can I do to influence the outcome?"

I'm not sure, sometimes there is little else than actual waiting. And I must accept that I am not very good at that kind of waiting...


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