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I wanted to run my based similar entries script (here's the original article on on my local MacOS X TiBook for almost as long as I have that laptop, now almost 1 3/4 years. I had problems running the script on the webserver for some time longer, going for a Linux box at my former office and uploading results from there. Having run on my TiBook would have been a nice solution... but that never really worked out. Today it did.

The problem with the code and MacOS X is it's dependancy on Perl's PDL module. Trying to install PDL via the CPAN shell is a nightmare, period. The full PDL module has tons of GUI/OpenGL and plotting features that all rely on libs that are difficult to have on OS X. And frankly I had zero use for them in any way so going down the fink path with houra of downloads was no option.

Today I finally tried it the 'hard' way. Downloading the CPAN tarball and installing it by hand via the "perl Makefile.PL; make; make test; sudo make install" route. Reading through the README told me there would be a file named perlpdl.config I could edit to omitt unwanted features. VOILA!

Telling the build process to ignore all graphic/3D features left me with a perfectly useable PDL installation.

So now I can tweak and compare different approaches for my paper w/o annoying anybody on our server.


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