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Iron Pen Anthology - Volume I 2014-7-10 (142 words)

Oh yes, even more story goodness. I have a story in the first ever Iron Pen Anthology.

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Chasing Lizards Up Sacred Street - audio 2014-7-10 (39 words)

You can go listen to my story "Chasing Lizards Up Sacred Street" on the Every Photo Tells podcast. It's a very nice narration by Katharina and Mick Bordet, and it has Quatlmanders and lots of Ohtek culture in it.


Mythical Monday 2014-7-10 (33 words)

I have a guest appearance on Melissa's blog in the Mythical Monday series! I get to talk about how there is "No such thing as a Quatlmander." (And show that there actually IS)


floating 2014-7-10 (21 words)

I just realized I never posted my "Floating Down River" story here on my website! Go read it for some wisdom :)


My Writing Process - Blog Tour 2014-4-21 (656 words)

Well, I was tagged by not one but two lovely authors to participate in this Blog Hop Thingie. So here are my answers to the four questions, and below you'll find links to more lovely creators of fiction.

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Theme-Thology: New Myths 2014-4-7 (115 words)

It had to happen sooner or later. You can now buy an anthology that has a story by me in it. Theme-Thology: New Myths: Meet a wayward son who returns a Rainmaker. Find out what happens when a fourth grader uses a computer to find the secret of reality. Sit with Grandfather while he tells you about the Light... and the Dark. Ten original myths by ten amazing authors. Each story will take a unique look at a mythology, either by building on top of existing mythos or by creating something wholly new.

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first, second and n-th level creativity 2014-3-30 (437 words)

"Stick with your first idea, it usually is the strongest." - One of the more useful writing advice I recently read was: "Never stay with first level creativity. Go at least one level further, if not two."

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retrofitting context 2014-3-30 (493 words)

Joe: "I hold that only mammals are capable of high level communication."


Two new 2013-5-13 (62 words)

Two new stories, which are actually not that new. They were posted elsewhere before, but they really belong here.

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the right time to write 2012-11-17 (254 words)

There is this myth among writes regarding the “right time to write.” Believing it can be rather limiting on your ability to be creative… but it doesn’t have to be....


posted three stories 2012-11-17 (26 words)

So yeah, nothing new as per so... but I just posted three of my SF flash fiction stories to my story pages for y'all to enjoy.


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