is talking good when it's all you can do?


My current role in life seems to be the mediator. Bringing opposite side toghether at one table -again. Get them talking. Listen to both and try and 'translate'.

Some would put my quote as "we can talk about it." But sometimes there are times when talking won't help. Where there has been enough talk. But in my current situation talk is almsot all I can do to help.

But what good is this mediator gift, what good is talking or making people talk when it's all you can do? When it's all that will happen? When all the way they will go towards each other is to talk?

I more and more feel like the court jester. A jester has a very important role to play. He's the only one who can talk truth to anyone without fear of consequence. As an eye-opener or counselor a court jester is invaluable. His influence can be profound. It can. But it can also be very frustrating. Nobody is obliged to listen to the fool's ramblings.


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