refactoring similar entries


In preparation for my writing asignment from SystemOne, I am refactoring some old code I had written for my similar-entries feature on 'Sender Traumwind'. It had evolved from an application of the Vectorspace concept towards a use of Search::ContextGraph. Somehow the code had never gone passed a certain point, as I was never really happy with the results. The VecorSpace code had to be suspended as it was extremly memory and CPU-time hungry with a certain number of entries (more than 1500) and the ContextGraph code didn't have the same granularity (it either found sims or didn't).

Now that I am writing about it all the ideas and things I wanted to try come back like old friends. So I decided to re-evaluate my old code base and see what could be done about it. First task now is to refactor it to a point where it becomes more open to experimentation and tweaking. Although the original code is fairly simple it has all the character of a one-shot. Now's the time to turn it into a piece of well-maintained code :)


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