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One of the resolutions that came out of our meeting is that I now get one block of four hours per day for my work. That might sound a little curious, but due to my current work/life situation I have been more of a single-dad than a developer. And as I have written some time ago 'work at home' can be extermly impossible when coupled with small kids.

So now we have decided that I will have one continous block of four hours for my programming and writing per day (11:30 - 15:30). And this is time where I will not be interrupted in any way - hopefully. Now considering a full-time job this might seem like a relatively short time. But one must not forget that this is a continous, no interruption block. I guess you could call it 'quality time'. I do think that I will be able to be rather productive in this time. The rest of the day will most likely be filled with walking the dog, caring for my baby daughter (a lot of strolls there too) and doing fun stuff with my son. Household chores too. But as with many writers I have learned that 'work' does not stop when one leaved the computer. I have worked out quite a lot of things while wlaking the dog etc. It is only a problem when there is no balance with uninterrupted time to put things in code/files also.

Should my workload reach a point where the one block is not enough - and also brings in some money at the same time, we will make a second block possible. That one will most likel start at around 19:00 and go into the night as long as I see it fit. My experience shows that I can't work for more than about 3h at one thing anyway. So this arrangement will be likely to make me very productive indeed.


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