accountability or transparency


Transparency buils trust. People value you more if they know what you do and why. If they can see and relate to the hardship. But "being transparent" can also be see as "owing account".

I just yesterday had this discussion. I suggested to be more transparent, to let the others know what the work is etc. The answer was: "I want them to trust me to do my work. I do good work and I expect trust. I am not accountable to anybody!" - Hum - Now what do I say?

Transparency has to come voluntarily, from the inside. As soon as it is expected or one has the feeling of "owing" it to anybody, it turns into accountability.

Transparency builds trust. Accountability is a form of - external - controll. It is a sighn of mistrust. Although the actual sharing of information might be the same!

I guess it's a matter of intent. Is the intent sharing of information and building of trust? Or is it controll and mistrust?


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