the real trick is...


... running really fast :) Curt Rosengren has a nice post about using MindMapping to deal with 'energy leak'.

He uses a MindMap to find and identify those task he is avoiding and procrastinating around.

"[I] circle the things that I am procrastinating with a red marker. It seems to give me a visual goal. Then of course - and here's the big trick - I do them. Once I have those things taken care of, it frees up my brain space to focus on other things."

(emphasis mine)

I guess this is the real trick everytime. Once we realize there is no silver bullet or magic wand to solve our problems and actually sit down and do, suddenly we also realize things are flowing again.

Sandra is currently introducing me to NLP, whch is also very helpful. If there is anything remotly like a silver bullet - we know there isn't - this comes very close. It has a lot to do with changing ones attitude towards things. More on that maybe later...


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