What the Vorlons and the Shadows both missed


You do remember the Vorlons and the Shadows? From Babylon 5? Hint?

There's a very deep philosophical rift between the two older races: The Vorlons tend to ask: "Who are you?" while the Shadows are portait to ask "What do you want?"

But what both never seem to ask is: "Why?" - "Why do you want it?" and "Why are you who you are?"

I think that's the questions of our time.

Like Steve's dissatisfaction with Zig Ziglar's presentation. He's all about the "How to achieve". But no mention about the "Why?"

Maybe that's because Zig comes from the same time as those wuestions of the Old Ones from Babylon 5 - ok he's not that ancient. I meant the concepts of Babylon 5 as a mirror of it's time.

Maybe it's the time for people like Curt Rosengren - people who focus more on the "Why". Knowing the"Why" we can then take up the clasic books and learn the "How".


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