5 reasons to not do what I want to do


ha. A list. FIVE, not ten... at least for now...

There are things I want to do, that I care about... but for one or more reasons tend not to do...

  1. It's something I avoid doing because I know once I start, I don't want to stop doing it.
  2. It's something I care so much about, and am so poor at doing, that I get frustrated with my own lack of ability to do - well.
  3. It's something I care a lot about, and want to cherish doing. Something that takes focus, concentration.... that I don't have at that moment.
  4. Doing it feels like a treat to me. A reward... but I don't feel like I've deserved a reward just then.
  5. Doing it (now) would be more than what I had set out to do. (Like writing up one more reason I could think of...)


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