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2005-2-12 Katie Lucas:

"[S]tep 1: write about running really fast.

Step 2: Go and draw a plan of the racetrack.

Step 3: go and buy really tight lycra shorts.

Step 4: run really, really, really fast.

Step 5: cross line first"

It's that step 4 that's the tough one. But if you put lots of emphasis on 1,2,3 and 5 it's possible no-one will notice and then you could probably make a lot of money selling the methodology to would be athletes who think there's some "secret" to being a 100m runner over and above being born with the ability to run fast. "

This is so very true of the kind of methologies she is writing about - computing related.

But it is true on a very larher scale also... Take my current field of choice, life/career coaching. How many books are there telling you how it's done? "You need this, this and that" - "The five secrets of success" - etc, etc

well, now you know what it takes. It's your shortcoming if you can't make it now...


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