what I did is stupid


I gave up my day-job to be my own boss. As long as I still had clients, that was ok. I gave up those clients to move to this lovely rural area. I took away my best chance at finding new work in the process. Without a drivers-licence in a rural part, with bad internet connectivity. Good plan for supporting a family, somehow.

No, this is not an admission of defeat, not in the least. I wouldn't be writing it here if it were.

By normal standards what I did is stupid. Heading into a uncertain future with many liabilities like family and kids, with no real idea of how to make a living in this new situation.

Tell you what. Staying put would have been really stupid. Not only that, it would have been lame. And very certainly it would have killed me in a few years time. What I had didn't really work either, and it was killing me slowly on top of that.

So I went for uncertainty and quite some hardship. At least now I can claw my way up out of my pit of despair. I've done the right thing. It might not look like it now, but one way or the other it will eventually work out.


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