Procrastination and TaskLists


One common suggestion to overcome procrastination is the intensive use of TaskLists to 'get organized'. But then, one of the psychological causes for procrastination is said to be the panic of 'where to start', being overwhelmed by too many things to do...

So maybe TaskLists are rather a bad thing under that aspect? Don't they only help to deepen this perception by constantly reminding us of all the things we still need to do?

No, and I just figured out why not. TaskLists are not usefull for their reminder function in this aspect. But for the exact opposite. By writing these things down, we no longer need to consciously remember them, we don't need to keep them in mind. We can actually forget about all those things. If we need to know, we can look it up. In that way writing things down actually frees our mind from them!

Using TaskLists enables us to fully focus on oe thing and one thing alone. The task right at hand.


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