the blind leading the blind


I have been 'away' traveling alone this last weekend, which is not a very common thing for me to happen. And - in hindsight - the best thing about this trip was the obstacle of getting home.

You know, due to my visual disability (that shows mainly in reduced mobility) I tend to choose my travel routes according to ease of use. No changing trains, getting off the train in the middle of the route. I don't care so much for fast or anything. Just let me get in on one end and off on the other.

So this connection I get from Nürnberg to Stuttgart and back is really ideal: no changing trains, and both stops are end of the line stops. Cool. But only if the train is actually going. Imagine my dismay when I found out on sunday that THIS connection would not be availeable, and I had to actually go and find a new one! Me, on a crowded central train station, on a late sunday. Right.

To my great luck the friend who got me to the train station happend to talk to another traveler who seemed a little lost. It turned out that Rob, who is on vacation from California and is currently trying to learn German, was stranded just like me.

So here we were, two guys who couldn't be much more different, united by the need to get somewhere and the lack of knowing how.

So I was translating while Rob found people to talk to... Actually together we made quite a good team, and got all the info we needed to get where we needed to go.

"The blind leading the blind" - thanks, Rob., I had great fun in a situation that could have easily totally paniced me :)


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