NoA - Need of Assistance


Travelling to Amsterdam on my own has been a blast. That's the best I can describe it. And due to my visual handicap... it seemed to be far more difficult than it actually was.

Luckily there is the concept of "Need of Assistance" with today's airlines and airport services. Basically what you do is book a normal flight as anybody would - and specify you'd need assistance to get to the plane and off again. Once you check in with the airline (you will need to get to the check-in desk on your own), they will have someone get you all the way through security and right into your plane. The onboard crews are very good at making sure you are cared for too. And on the arival airport the same appens backwards. Someone picks you up from the plane, guides you all the way to get your luggage and to a taxi or whatever need of transportation you might have. Oh, you better really be in need of assistance :) Kids traveling alone, people with problems walking or elderly also apply.

One thing you should be prepared for: have a good sense of humor. On my arrival at Nürnberg airport, there was a person with a wheelchair waiting for me. He explained that he did know I was counted as a blind person, but his foreman had insisted I be picked up with a wheelchair for insurance reasons... I had a good time being pushed around :)


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