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Ok, who would have guessed I would say something like this: but I do start to like XSLT. It very much has it's uses for transforming (well, yes) and also filtering of data. And in some ways it currently makes sense for me to outsource some of the actual data munging from PHP to XSLT.

WTF? Some may ask. I would have a few weeks ago. But writing up certain transformations and filters in XSLT seems straightforward once you get over the verbosity of it (which can drive tears to your eyes).

"But PHP is such a more dynamic and powerfull language! You can do magic stuff you could never do in XSLT!" Well, yes, PHP is a dynamic language and has a lot of magic. But sometimes it is just too damn 'smart'. and the 'magic' doesn't behave in the way you would want or expect it to. XSLT is so braindead simple it seems refreshing at times. You know what will happen, no smarts involved.


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