little things we like but don't need


More musings and observations... A friend recently got a nice cigarette lighter by filling out a promational questionaire in a mall. On our way home in the car this lighter ended up in my hands, and I toyed around with it. It was a very solid feeling thing, one of those objects that just feel good and solid to play around with. In that car, I wanted one of these too. Not being a smoker, I had no reason to ask my friend if I could have this one, or if I could take one of those questionaires myself to get one... So here I was, wanting an object I had really no use for. In the end I just gave up this little gem that was not to be mine and handed it back to my friend - who had a real use for it anyway.

This small incident got me thinking. Don't we often fall into this trap? To want something we have no use for? One of the reasons it was 'easy' for me to hand over the little gem was that I know how objects like it tend to pile up in certain places of my living space. Things I am fond of, things that I wanted... but no longer (or maybe never) had a real use for.

Do I keep them, just because I want(ed) them?


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