This is a topic I've had before. And I think every blogger knowa how it feels when you put put something you feel is very cool/deep/insightful and then there is no reaction. I just recently learned - again - that "no reaction" might not be because no one cares. Just today I've had two examples that "no reaction" can mean quite something different: in one case it was "I took time and care to formulate a respomse", so patience would have been in order. The reaction that did come rewarded fully for any time waiting. The other was an experience that sometimes what we put out might be just "too much" for the people reading it. "There was so much depth, so much to respond to, I didn't know how to. I was lost for words. So I didn't respond." Wow. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Here I was thinking "no one cares", while I was actually achieving quite the opposite!


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