getting (small) things done


Nope, this is not about GTD (David Allen's "Getting Things Done").

What this is about, is more in the line of "structured procrastination". For outsiders - that is people not actually living with me in this case - I might seem to be currently rather productive. There's a lot of things happening around here, lots of posts etc.

But to me it does not feel like I'm überproductive. All the big projects, all the involved stuff is still waiting by the wayside. That "4 hours a day to work" plan has not fully worked out - and that's being very positive. In the almost four weeks we have had that arrangement I can only remember about four or five days where I actually had those four (we reduced to three later) hours. One of those blocks was spent setting up a win2k machine for my wife...

But one effect all this has had: I am itching to get things done. So I put those little bits and pieces of "free time" that I do find to good use around my website and other small stuff. All those things that needed doing, would take only a few moments, but would have interrupted anything other. The stuff that never get's done.


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