virtual team, worldclocks and confusion


One of the challenges of being part of a virtual team - a team that is sprtead out about almost all of the world - is that of commubication delays.

A virtual team most probably communicates in email mostly. Email has a major benefit of being asynchronous. That is I can write a message at any time, even if parts of the team are currently sleeping etc. I can then wait until they respond, at a time when I might be sleeping in turn (yes, I do sleep).

But a big pain is to know when a reply can be expected. If an answer is important and I need it quickly I need to know when my collegues might be active so that we can sync in real-time. I am currently using a world-clock service where I can customize the display by listing the locations of all team members along with my own. Calling up tat page gives me a good idea of what time it is for the others. BUT: being part of a virtual team also might involve people keeping non-regular working hours. I do. So the actual local time for each member only goes so far. What is also neccessary is to know the usual business/work hours for each member.

I'm thinking about a small community-tool where everyone can put their

If each member keeps this info updated for herself, every other member can easily check and predict how to shedule the own cycle to sync with some one else.


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