My new home is not aDSL-able, says the T-Com so I must believe them. I could maybe go for sDSL (symetrical), which would be a blast and works over fr longer lines. But that is a little bit - expensive - for me. An alternative might actually be UMTS (or 3G).

There's a pure data-plan from some carriers (E-Plus has a flatrate for ~40€), and badwidth is up to 6x what I have now (ISDN = 64kbit/s, UMTS up to 384 kbit/s)

So now, has anyone any experience to share? I'm looking to do the following:

Oh, and speed is NOT the main idea here. I mostly need the alwaysOn connectivity, while speed is a bonus. Sadly there's no longer a workable ISDN flatrate in DE.

Any ideas and pointers more than welcome!


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