making money of a blog


Well, isn't that always a headline? What real blogger hasn't wnated at one time or the other to do just that - make money with what they do?

Robin Good has a nice post about some of the possibilities there are. I think he has a thourough round-up, with honest thoughts about each.

One major theme I read in all this - and that I have figured out with my own site - is this: The value of your blog, of your content is all important. With that value comes exposure, and only with exposure can money be made.

And of course you need your readers trust. Only if they value your opinion will they also follow your recommodations. That's really what all these methods are about. They all take the form of recommodations.

Your readers trust can also be see as a form of 'value' of your content. This where the fake vs. real blog problem in marketing lies. Wyh should a reader trust a fake blogger?

Rambling thoughts on this topic... may it be of use to you, dear reader ;)


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