excuse me? You really want to write XSLT?


So hey. I want to use XSLT as transformation p-code in PA. But please I hear you wail. XSLT? Easily maintainable?

And I even stated I want to use it for transformations where neither input nor outpute are XML in rge first place. So am I masicgisr or what?

Nope. And tere is hope. No one said anybody needed to directly author the noisy XSLT XML. There are 'shorthands' outthere that can make life much easier.But the lingua franka will be XSLT. How it get's written is another thing :)

So here is a nice intro to XSLT shorthands. It mentions XSLTXT, which I think might be a good starting point. It retains all the semantics of XSLT, but expresses them in a Python like notation. Much more readable but basically the same. This gives a bidirectional conversion, which is handy,

A more powerfull shorthand would be PXSL (pixel). It has a similar feel (Pythonesque identation) and adds the ability to define attribute and element defaults. It also has 'macros' which add a whole lot of extra power. Oh, and it is not specific to XSLT, but rather a gerneral purpose language to write dense XML documents. PXML is availeable as commandline binary for win32, mac is x and linux, also as source.All the power is cool, but it feels like yest another language to learn. I think I prefer the straight one on one converstion of XSLTXT.

XSLT is written in Java, and is not readily availeable as binary. There is only the CVS, no tarball and a long list of required *.jar files to build and run...

Also interesting seems SLiP - a "Sorta Like Python" shorthand for XML. It is a simple Python module and should be easily installed.


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