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It all comes together now. Taking Set Godin's "So, what will it take to succeed?" and a recent post on gapingvoid, a new idea formed in my head [I'll get to that later]. This is what the 'Tool for Thought' meme is about. Combinig or connecting two things that at first glance seem unconnected. I guess that's what creative people are all about, and what makes blogging so valuable. And now if we have tools that can further that effect...

Ok, but now about the idea:

Godin's message is partly: stick to it, don't water it down, and do it well (better than anybody else). But also be far ahead of everybody else.

Hugh on talks about how Apple's productline is 'simple' (TheMAC and the iPod) but also playfull, while Microsoft's productline is very diverse and - well - boring.

Maybe this is what it would take: concentrate your efforts, do the one product you do but GOOD.

But within that product, also be playfull.

"This is TheX. It can do THIS, and THIS and also THAT. But it can also do THOSE".

Not "For that, we have THIS. And for THIS task you can use THOSE. Oh and if you want to do like HERE, you need one of THIS and another of THAT. Oh, did I mention that if you wnat to SO, you'll need to have alicence to BREATHE?"

Did I mention I prefer Abalone to Chess? Abalone has only very hew possible moves. But it can be so complex to play you can't calculate more than five moves ahead and stay sane. It takes a lot of playfullness. Good Chess players are crap at Abalone.


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