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Okay, I'm sitting here, spending well three quarters of my workday just reading up on gapingvoid posts (I was back about 87). Can that be called productive?

YES, it can. Novelists tend to call it research. Reading up on a topic. Finding and forming new ideas. The fun part about my current work/life situation - once one accepts them - is that I have all the time in the world to be un-productive. I can read an blog all I like. I'm not expected to turn a buck right now. It's all investment. And spending time reading and blogging is what I think of as a very good thing to invest in. You invest in yourself. Reading builds knowledge and opinion. Writing builds experience and skill, and blogging also builds your reputation and reach. Who is going to trust my word - or even pay me to consult - if I have no public record of being well-informed? So, blogging is an investment in the 'me brand'.


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