one failed first impression


So the demo went good, and bad.

From five people I showed it, one reacted with "What do I do? Where's the UI?"

Maybe it is a little too simple/obvious after all. Let's see if I get a second impression in that case...

[update] It seems it's kind of like the old joke "There's only 10 kinds of people. Those who get binary and those who don't."

The "Do I Write Like A Pro?" idea seems similar. Some people get the basic idea at once and start playing with the UI. Other's don't. And that's NOTHING to do with how smart or open a person is. It's more of a inclination thing.

And the way it is designed now takes some time and patience - and maybe the right kind of playfullness - to 'get'.

I'm not sure if the right kind of pretext - like some introductory text - would help.

BTW, thanks to these kind people for their comments and sugestions:


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