Not working for money


There's an unformed idea rampaging through my head these last days and weeks. It has to do with the why and what and how I work and make money for a living.

Usually you take up a job or find clients. You get a task assigned and get paid once you finish. Task, work, pay. Task, work, pay.

There is a vicious cycle in that: no work, no pay. Stop working - for any reason, must not be your own fault - and the money stops flowing. You keep up working just to keep the money flowing. But what if you need time to reorganize? To re-define? To learn new skills? What if your line of work simply dries up?

Usually you are so inside the work-pay cycle that you need to cling on for dear life...

What my goal is to find another way. I want to decouple my work and my flow of income. I want my projekts to continue to flow even when I'm currently doing something different.

I'm working on it.

One thing I have already learned: it is more a change in attitude, in thinking than in actual way of doing.


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