using Tinderbox notes for templates?


Well, that's more a problem of teminology actually.

My problem / idea started like this: I would have liked to use the Tinderbox environment to also edit/manage my templates. I simply would like not to change environments to do things that are so very related...

So I started thinking if it would be doable and even worthwhile to try and edit templates as Tinderbox notes.

What you that mean? Ok, templates are files on your HD, period. That's how Tinderbox works and I have no way to change that. But Each Tinderbox note can (and often will) be exported to end up as a file on my HD also. So what's to stop me to edit/manage my templates in Tinderbox?

Ok, I have to make sure the templates are exported before all the other notes that will rely on them. And I need to make sure that my template-notes get exported w/o any templating of their own. Those things can be taken care of. (export as plin-text is an option for each note)

Would there be drawbacks? You bet!

Any added benefit of using Tinderbox to manage templates?

I guess the main benefit would be to have everything in one environment. Most of the other things can be done via 'boilerplating', which can provide much of the benefits I described here...


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