going deeper into Tinderbox


The time spent between the last two post and this one was spend exploring with Tinderbox on an on and off basis...

I mainly using it to keep notes, and also exploring some task management and project planning ideas.

Writing some documentation fpr a current project also was a very good inroad to teplating and HTML export.

But all in all I was using very little I couldn't have done in another outliner. I was still very much caught in the hierarchical Outline mode I learned while using UserLand Frontier/Radio. And that even thought the hierarchical model of outline structures was what I found the most emprisoning feature. The hierarchical model is one very well suited to structured documents or rigid ontologies. But not well suited to modeling thoughts and associations...

None the less one tends to use what one already know... So I actually never used the map view to organize and structure my notes. This lead to deeply nested kinds of documents, with notes and subnotes. I relied on agents to make the deeply packed away info visible again...

But just now I stared playing with the Map View, which to mee seems to be the more Tinderbox/Hypertext mode anyway. Relying more on spacial relationships and also actual links between notes. It will take some getting used to, but the fredom gained and the better structure one can achieve will well be worth it.


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