Tinderbox as a meta-finder?


0xDECAFBAD: "[W]hat if all of the “notes” in a Tinderbox document were just documents and files, and all of the relationships managed by Tinderbox (ie. spatial, links, aliased) were just encoded as extended attributes?"

Now there's a concept I can really dig. Using Tinderbox' maps and views to organize and relate files on my HD. What a dream...

But wait! Must it really be a dream? Actually I can envision a way of doing this with the Tinderbox we now have. If we envision a special tool that scans the HD (vie spotlight?) and generates a new Tinderbox document with one note for each file. All file attributes etc get turned into Tb properties. Maybe we can per-define a map position based on folder-structure etc.

So now we have a note to file relation and can organize, relate and arrange the notes as we like in TB. Ah, before I forget: a Tb note can be/have a referrence to an ordinary file, which we would use here.

And then comes the fun part: All those relations, links, edited or added properties (descriptive text) need to be written back to the files. All Tb-specufic properties can easily be represented by special file attributes in the HFS+ model.

Hmmm, might be a little tendious, as we need to generate a Tb file each time we want to work in Tb and write the data back to the file attributes once we're done. But it seems definetly doable.


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