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As many, I don't only use Tinderbox to write this weblog. I like writing longer essays in it also, some consisting of numerous single notes. All these notes are later collated into one lengthly HTML page for easy distribution and publishing. (I dislike longer essays broken into many HTML pages for various reasons.) One thing these longer pages can vastly benefit from are inner-page TOCs. But how to build something like that? By hand? No way! Tinderbox at the rescue!

The trick is rather easy, the effect can be seen here. That page's note has several children that are pulled into the main page via ^children(tb_include_subpage.html)^. That tb_include_subpage.html template is originally very simple:


The idea now is to 'include' the chilldern twice, once in the above fashion and once as a list of links according to this temple:

<li><br><a href="#^get(OutlineOrder)^">^title^</a><br></li>

That needs to be matched by a slightly more compley main child-template:

<h3>$lt;a name="^get(OutlineOrder)^">^title^</a></h3><br>^text^

Why am I using OutlineOrder? I originally wanted to use something like HTMLExportFileName to have more descriptive links, but that's not working. Tinderbox would only return anything for notes that actually had a manually set attribute there. Anybody know a way of knowing the auto-generated HTMLExportFileName in a export-template?


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