Tinderbox Umlaut encoding


Hmmm... I'm sure I'm not alone with this: Where and how can I

tell Tinderbox to leave Umlauts (äöü) un-encoded in my (RSS)output?

The problem is that an encoded HTML-entity (like ä) is not legal inside and XML element, so my feeds always get parse errors. While the unescaped Umlaut would be perfectly legal in an encoding like UTF-8.

I've tried all settngs in HTMLView and Document preferences but can't find a setting to change the Umlaut behavior.

BTW: what encoding does Tinderbox export in? latin-1? utf-8?

[update] The answer is very simple, as most things in Tinderbox: There's an attribute HTMLEntities thats boolean. Set to false and no conversion happens for that note on export.

The character encoding is another matter: Tinderbox currently exports in MacRoman, that's fairly close to the common latin-1. Using the HTMLEntities conversion everything is safe... for HTML. I'm told that Tinderbox will use latin-1 encoding in future versions, I guess that will be when the Windows version comes out...

Actually I would very much prefer utf-8... But I guess there's good reasons not to go that road.

[update and conclusion:] A rather obvious - in hindsight - solution is NOT to worry about HTMLentities in the XML... No, not using invalid RSS/XML, but by using CDATA sections for the description elements content (the actual post). That way any HTML markup - even illegal XML - can be transported inside the XML...


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