Vlad, a request


Listing my "four things" recently one might have gathered I'm not so hip on current music trends and tend to listen to stuff I have grown to know and love over the time.

Not really. I do discover new stuff from time to time. Very spontaneously I fall for a new band, artist, style of music. But that doesn't happen often, and I do tend to stay with a CD I grew to like for ages. One recent discovery is Mr. Vlad Spears. Or better, one very specific sound experiment by him. I have totally and completly fallen for his "Black Strings" phaser experiment. Like Vlad I have always been totally fascinated by phasers, the musical kind. As my own excursions into making music usually tend to be more sound that melody/harmony based, I really love sounds that move, evolve, shift. Being SF oriented I was always fascinates by synthesizers and sound processing etc.

You won't believe it, but I actually have Vlad's short sample looping for hours. And it's not a very long piece at 0:35 either. Vlad, I need more of this. If possible as a loopable track. No extra, just the strings. Although I'd also be curious of how you use the sound in your music.

[update:] Vlad has kindly provided me with a longer (loopable) sample. Meanwhile I have used the original one in a way I wonder if even Vlad himself will recognize. Did you, Vlad?


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