this is the end - of '05


Oh well. Time for that "last post of the year" stuff.

There's nothing much I really feel I want to write about. Oh, I have tons of think I might write, want to write, should write. Only in these last days I've been so negative and bitter that I'd rather not write here. Nothing in special, no bad things happening. Just some kind of mild depression-like state. I'm feeling constantly tired and stressed out, although there's little actual reasson for that. I will be doing something about this on the third of Jan.... was about time. I have a feeling I'm in some kind of crisis of meaning and purpose. Very little seems to be worth actually doing, although I actually have my plate full of things I'd love to do... I just can't seem to muster the energy to actually do. And looking back, this is a not-so-uncommon state for me either. At least not in the past years.

But, as they say: "Complaining won't help!" And that's why I was refraining from posting my thought here. It always comes out as complaining these days.

Enough of that.


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