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I was wondering when this "four things" meme would come my way, and who would tag me. I was wondering if I was "connected" enough to be tagged at all. More surprise and delight when I found Vlad Spears doing just that! Cool. I was planning to link to his site for some time now. So here we go:

Four jobs I’ve held

Four movies I can watch on endless loop

Four places I’ve lived

Four TV shows

Like some others, I watch almost no TV. But I do enjoy (old) series on DVD:

Four cities I love and will continually return to

Cities? I don't very much care for cities. I've been to a bunch and some of them I come through often. But I don't really care very much where I am. If I go outside there needs to be open space, nature and peace. You don't get that in cities I'm told.

Four sites I visit daily

Hey, I'm a blogger. I use bloglines mainly (about 65 actively read feeds). If I visit a site then only because it dosn't have a feed or a broken one... Ok there are about four sites I regularly visit directly. But I'm not disclosing those. Give a man some privacy?

Four places I would rather be

Holy shemoly! "If you can't find happyiness right where you are, where are you going to start looking?" Honestly I'm quite ok where I am now. There's certainly things I'd love to change, but location is not one of them.

Four CDs in my (current) daily rotation

(I'm wondering if anybody out there even knows some of those. And if, I'm wondering what kind of picture that might draw of me...)

Four fiction authors I'd almost bindly buy a book from

Four bloggers I’m tagging for this quadratic-style love-in


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