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Do you have a voice? Sure you do. But do you know how it sounds? Really know?

After that run in with Mr. Spears recently, I was deeply inspired to do some audio work again. I loved working creatively with sounds and samples before, so I finally got around to setting up a decent editing environment here on my Mac (Audacity/GarageBand).

After doing some experimental atmospheric tracks I somehow had the urge to record something more akin to a radioplay. I was thinking about doing a experimental podcast, but the ideas turned more into a horror story.

Well, apart from having very much fun, there was one notable experience I took away from that: It is very educational to record one's own voice. And not just in the sense of reading/talking as in podcasts or radio. For this I had a script with three main personas, and I had a very good idea of how I wanted the charakters to sound. Recording bit by bit and always checking / evaluationg the last recording was quite a long process. It's not so very easy to get one character to sound consitent and in role for the whole thing. I noticed I modulate my tone of voice quite a lot while talking. That makes my voice very recognizable, or rather my mode of speech. It took some concentration and practice to get each character right each time.

What I learned from this experiment is this: yes, I do have a voice. And an expressive one also. But I do need to very much practice control. Oh, and there are certain chracteristics to my voice that make speaking different roles somewhat difficult. Once I publish the finished track I'd like to hear opinions if I succeded in convincingly portraying the two distinct main characters in this script. (The third charakter uses a heavy dose of voiceFX and so doesn't really count. I loved speaking his role very much.)


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