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I noticed I have a strange thing with praise. I like being praised, everyone does. Only my reaction if quite often "Yeah, right"... Maybe that's a sign of lacking self worth, not really believing I am any good at what I do. Then I dug deeper:

Over the course of several conversations the following surfaced: I seem not to care for praise so much as such, but what I really want to know is the "why do you think it's cool?" I am very much into the effect of my art and music. I want to know how it makes you feel. What reactions does it provoce? What do you see in it? So a reaction like "This really creeps me out" might be more praise to me than a "wow cool," as that creepy feeling might havebeen exactly what I wanted it to do.

Also I really believe that "good" or "cool" are very relative things, strongly depending on personal taste and culture etc. So to me "good" is something that achieves the goal I set out for. something that can draw a strong reaction. If you like it or not is really your thing. Sp telling me that you like it is nice. Telling me that it had a string effect on you will please me all the more. Maybe I am not setting out to please so much, but move... inspire...


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