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As was to be expected, people have found and read what I have to say about Tinderbox and learning...

And yes, I guess I will be writing some more about paradigm shifts. But for me the most intersting thing about this current one is this: I had already started on a project to build a outline-less website framework, called Traumtank. One of the major ideas I wanted it to do was to free me from the hierarchical 'one place and only one' kind of relation between notes. In a Outline each note (usually) has exactly ONE place where it can be. But given othologies and such... it just didn't work for me. I need multiple 'parents' for one 'child'. A cat is a pet AND a mammal AND a carnivore. All of those things at once. But it is still only ONE cat.

Tinderbox idea of an alias really helps with such things. But it is not quite what I want(ed). It makes one note appear in several places, A web-like set of relations fits far better. The note has only one place, but multiple relations.

But, just like Doug Miller, I don't really use the Map-View enough. I actually only use super-flat outlines. better Lists. For a collection of ideas and blog posts I guess that's ok.


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