I'm currently more than fed up with the layout of this website. A layout that has proven usefull for some years now.

I was so occupied with my main weblog that I never really took a second look at my main site anymore. This is currently still table-based (which is not so bad mostly), but some formating quirks really beginn to show at the edges... and with my new focus on a different kind of audience... it's simply no longer any good.

Also the navigational concept is very heavily hierarchical, which is a leftover from Frontier times. I nowadays tend more towards web-like structures, like in a WiKi or here in Tinderbox.

Btw.: I'm very seriously considering if I will keep on refering to Tinderbox as an 'outliner'. It does have an outline view... but a lot of it's paradigmas are simply un-hierarchical in nature. I think the map-view is by far the more natural working mode for Tinderbox. I will still need some time to learn it thought.


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