visual outlining in Tinderbox maps


Outlines have their uses. Especially when writing longer, structured papers. A good outline is as usefull as a good table of contents. As a long-time Userland Frontier user my natural Tinderbox view of choice has been the outline view for a long time now. But what has always bothered me about outlines - then and now - is their strict hierarchial structure. Tinderbox maps have given me a way to outline w/o rigid structural constraints.

In an outliner a note that is a child of another is necessarily also inside that parent note. As Tinderbox map views show only one level of each hierarchy at a time, all sub-levels were 'hidden' to me when using an outline in a map view. Also the outline model of arranging things would give each note only - and exactly - one place to live.

What I now do is this: I use map views to visually arrange notes in an outline, while having all note on one hierarchical level. That way I have the benefit of visual structure but still am able to see and manipulate all 'sub-notes' in one convenient place. And if things really need to be 'containered' into larger groups, there's always the new 'sticky adornments' in Tinderbox. They can be very helpful to group clusters of note together and move them around as a whole. All the while still not forcing them into one ans only one structural place.


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