2008-6-6 play: /traumwind/music/aMantraMiasma.mp3 (''13:00 min, 130kbit/s (VBR)kbit/sec)

Here's a weird track of the evolving ambience type (although it might be bit short for real ambience)

Trained ears might well spot the typical Traumwind/Daevl.Plugs elements. Additionally this one uses several 'chined delay' sound arrangements (obviously the wind chimes, but also the thunder - see also "fabriBeep" on this page). Chimed Delays are basically a series of delays that are pitched (in melodic intervals or not) but also panned in the stereo field randomly.

Maybe the most interesting thing technically about this track is that it uses only a very limited amount of base samples, which are varied by the use in different Effect settings...

Some more notes: The vocal parts (the main mantra) is intentionally sundues and washed out extremly by adding several layers of noise and harmonics/putching/reverb... usually vacal tend to be the natural focal point of a track, so by intentionally subduing them the awareness of the ear moves to the 'other' things while all the time trying to tune in on the voice(s). Maybe that's why this track - like many of my tracks - tends to 'make you hear things that are not there'... for example several listeners (myself included) distintively hear 'children at play' somewhere in the middle of the track. There are none, I can tell you, and I should know :)


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