1dot9 stycky remix


Vlad over at Daevlmakr.com has found the time to release another set of his 1dot9 sets of samples. These are one base loop processed 9 different ways using the Daevl.Plugs. The new set is called Sycky and shows off nice combinations of the plugs in multiple stacking. There is a downloadeable zip with the resulting loops and that has detailed descriptions of which plugs were used. Now, what do I have to do with that apart from thinking it's cool? Well, I went and put it all together into a track of course. It is quite astonishing what you can get out of ONE basic sample loop. In my track you can hear the original loop for the first four bars, and then there will be the nine others fading in and out, punching in and generaly having a good time. Note that I also use no extra FX apart from volume fades and some slight LFO based cutoff filtering to get the rythmic fadein/out going. Enjoy!
play: /music/stycky_mix1.mp3 (''3:52 min, 128kbit/sec)


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