you gotta love legacy OS


Oh wow... it's so quiet in my inbox now! Where is all the clater and clanker of our friends the spammers?

Ah, sorry, let me start at the beginning:

My domains and those of several others run on an old (ancient) linux pizza thingie that was first installed around 2001... OS upgrades for this one stopped to be avalable around.. let me see '03?

Wahtever, it was running and doing all that was required of it. The occasional commandline admin tasks were actually fun you know.

But of late we were all getting way too much spam.. and no, it's not comming *from* this machine.

A freindly person suggested Greylisting might cut back on almost 75% of run of the mill spam and worms.

So yeah, let's try that shall we?

Errr, this version of sendmail doesn't support MILTER (a defacto standard mail filter API)

So what the heck, we won't be finsing any readymade RPMs fpr this C64, now will we? So? We compile from source like real avatars!

Thank the Heavens someone invented Google... six gours later with intermittent mailserver downtimes I had a real nice and clean (and actually configured) setup of sendmail, SASL and smf-grey.

And I kid you not, I almost MISS the noise in my inbox! At least that meant the wires where still singing, hm?

My summary? You can do current software on old OSes, and mostly the actual source distributions are better than some packages. The convenience of being able to apt-get stuff is a great time saver... but the stuff also works if you follow instructions.

Dunno, maybe I just like solving problems :)


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