the 5 way path


Back on November or Devember of '06, when Vlad of DaevlMakr asked me to give him some tracks for my artist's profile, I had only very few that actualy used the awesome Daevl.Plugs. I needed to come up with a cool track showing the capabilities of the plugs and fast.

So a creative tool ws asked for and I remembered my "Limitation as a creative tool" post on WTA. So I went and asked Vlad to give me five samples of his choice. my rules being that I needed to make a full track with only those samples as source, no additional audio sources allowed. The track happened and we were all happy. Little did I know back then what rippling effect this idea would have. Many of the early adopters of the Daevl.Plugs wanted to do such a track too, and by now it has grown into a real public challenge. You can make one too and have your spot on the Path Of 5 Ways.

Awwww, the V says it much better as I do :)


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