the three layers of sound: atmospheres, habitats and species


In a post on lostlog I found a music concept I'd like to explore more:

"On the Wildeye course, he introduces the three layers of sound: atmospheres, habitats and species. They are natural terms, but could just as easily apply to recording, say, a railway goods yard. Atmosphere is the unobtrusive bed of sound - perhaps the gentle noise of distant traffic, the hum of air conditioning, wind in the trees. A habitat could be the general sound of that railway goods yard. The species is the specific animal (or train, or voice) you want to feature."

Here is what I intend to do:

It will be interesting to hear how the combinations (and re-combinations) of the three themes come out. There are obvious extremes: three combinations would each be pure one theme. The interesting stuff happens in the juxapositions and grey areas when say an energetic atmosphere comes to lie under a relaxed habitat in which again lives maybe an energetic species etc.


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