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Here's something from the "Happy little noises live here" department:
play: /music/fabriBleep.mp3 (''11:08 min, 128kbit/sec)
This track is - for all it's aureal complexity - actually quite minimal. It is composed of 2 (two) base samples. One is a phone bleep, the other the swoosh-beep of an industrial robot. What makes this so complex is the use of what is called a "Chime Delay". It's a delay that does two things: it creates random length delays that are also randomly panned in the stereo field, and it pitch-shifts them. The beauty of this particular one is that you can specify the pitch shift in semitones and you can specify a list of intervals you want created. In that way one can create harmonious delay clusters (using maybe a pentatonic scale etc), or more disharmonic ones when using staggered semitones.


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