Curt writes about his definition of success, and claims 'abundance' - having enough (money) - as one of his measures. He then goes on to define what 'enough' is, and shows nicely tht it's nothing to do with the actual amount of money whatsoever:

"[P]art of abundance comes from making choices that foster that feeling of abundance. I know a lot of people who are making enormous amounts of money who are feeling stressed because they need to keep up with an enormous amount of money flowing back out. They're making more money than I can imagine, yet there's no feeling of abundance there. There's no sense of having enough."

The way of life we choose influences our abundance just as much as the amount of money we make.

"[P]erhaps abundance can best be seen as the difference between the inflow and outflow of money. It can increase by making more, spending less, or both.  The big question, of course, is how big that difference needs to be for it to feel like enough."


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