my eyes seem to be getting better


That title reads like a post from someone recovering from a temprary ailment...

Well, in my case it is not temporary. When I was 11, the doctors suggested I might start learning Braile while I could still see. The problem I have with my eyes - which is genetical - is know to progress with age. It sometimes progresses slowly, leaving patients with acceptable eyesight into their 40ies or so. But it does progress, and there are no chances of it reversing... Or so the doctors say.

When I learned about this, I came to one decission: I would do all the visual things I wanted to, as long as I could. And actually in my case the progression was very slow, enabling me to work as a graphic artist and fly RC airplanes even. But nearing 35 I have experienced more and more being handicaped. I adapt well, but the inevitable decline has been depressing at times...

Funny thing is this: Ever since I moed out here to the Heroldsmühle, and spend quality time outside (the sun is known to be rather bad for this handicaps progression) I actually seem to be making steps in the opposite direction! Just now something happened I have not been aware of in years: I actually noticed the position of my mouse cursor w/o moving it to a known position first! This feels very weird to me... Anybody who has ever watched me work onscreen will know that I have a peculiar habit of moving the mouse to the upper left corner first, and the moving it to where I want it to be. Schitching away from the mouse and back again I do the same thing again, as I usually wont 'find' it's position quickly otherwise...

Just now I was sitting here writing, and there it was just sitting there. I'm sure you can't imagine how strange that fealt to me.


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