One of the big lessons I have learned in my life is that all humans are storytellers. And more often than not, we create stories for an audience of one. And then there is the manipulative story... the kind that - in it's extreme form earns people, who employ it, the label of 'drama queen.'

I'm a story teller as much as any other. Yet, I always sense a fine line between drama... and unnecessary drama. Between a story that might be stretching the facts just slightly to gain attention and compassion... and those kinds of drama that exist solely for attention... and power. It's a fine line, and the boundaries are hard to see. It's also a question of balance. We all have needs for attention and compassion, and we all have our tools to gain it. Let this game of power go out of balance too far, base it on too thin of a story... and at some point the trust that is required to suspend disbelief is snapped in two. Once broken...


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